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Helpful Hints:
If there is a persistent red oil leak that you are sure is coming from your car,  you should have your shop check to see if it is coming from your transmission or possibly from your power steering system (most power steering systems also use transmission fluid and leaks can appear on the ground in roughly the same areas as transmission leaks.)  It is best to bring it in immediately for a technician to assess.

• Check fluid for color and odor

Most manufacturers require that you check transmission fluid levels when the vehicle is running and on level ground.  Pull the transmission dipstick out and check the fluid for color and odor.  Transmission fluid is a transparent red oil that looks something like cherry cough syrup.  If the fluid is cloudy or muddy, or it has a burned odor,  you should have it checked by your technician who will most likely advise you to have a transmission drain and refill or transmission tune-up.

• Be alert  to new noises, vibrations and shift behavior color and odor

A modern transmission should shift smoothly and quietly under light acceleration.  Heavier acceleration should produce firmer shifts at higher speeds.  If shift points are erratic or you hear noises when shifting, you should have it checked out immediately.  Whining noises coming from the floorboard are also a cause for concern.  If caught early, many problems can be resolved without costly transmission overhauls.

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